About Us

About Us

Dear students;

You are here to get the best education to become professionals of communication. Communicators are professionals who, different from other professionals, make arguments and build individuals and societies with those arguments. This unique feature of professionals of communication derives from its being a discipline that draws from art, science and philosophy.

The most distinguishing element of communication is audio-visual media. Audio-visual media which consists of radio, television, cinema, internet, telecommunication, satellite technics and equipment are in your service to be meticulously utilized. 

As the faculty of RTC Department, we are here to prepare you for this extremely critical profession. We are determined to work hard to rejuvenate our department with a modern mission and vision.

We are witnessing an unprecedented information revolution. The progress in the fileds of satellite, internet, and telecommunication technologies seems to constitute only one phase of this revolution. This brand new technological revolution has led to the emergence of a new type of society. The world has shrinked, borders have disappeared and time and space have gained new meanings. 

This technological revolution needs to be accompanied by an educational revolution. The new era compels us to build up and embrace new paradigms and visions in education.

Undoubtedly, this wave of change has an enormous impact on departments of radio, television and cinema. We are well aware of this change. That’s why we have undertaken to restructure our department. Redefining our vision, we set out to renew our curricula and reformulate our course contents in accordance with the Bologna process. We aim to become an internationally accredited department. With that goal in mind, we sign off Erasmus exhange contracts with several distinguished universities abroad. We seek to establish a vibrant, accomplished, distinguished and pioneering department.    

We are determined to equip our students with the best theoretical and applied knowledge and skills to become accomplished professionals in the field of radio, television and cinema.

Our goal is to send our students to best universities across the world for a semester or two, and give them the opportunity to engage in cultural exchange with foreign students who choose to further their education at our department. Such an experience will give our students great confidence and ability to carry out their profession in any country across the globe.

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